The following topics provide information about collecting for a product or service.

Invoice customers

Receive and enter payments

Manage and collect overdue payments

Collect for product or service business process component forms

The following table lists the forms that support the collect for product or service business process component. The table entries are organized by business process component task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

Some forms in the following table require information or parameter settings to navigate to them.

Business process component task

Form name


Invoice customers

Create invoice

Create invoices for projects.

Free text invoice

Create an invoice with order lines that include ledger accounts, free text descriptions, and a sales amount that you enter yourself.

Invoice Journal

View all updated and posted sales order invoices.

Invoice proposal

View, edit, and update preliminary invoice transactions for projects.

Misc. charges transactions

Create, change, and inquire about the miscellaneous charges specified for the current order.

Posting invoice

Post or print a sales order. You also can post or print quotations, order confirmations, picking lists, packing slips, and invoices.

Print management setup

Set up print management original or copy records and conditional settings.


Create and maintain information about projects.

Sales orders

Create, maintain, and inquire about orders.

Receive and enter payments

Bill of exchange

Create, manage, and view bills of exchange for one or more bank accounts.

Bill of exchange document

Set up the payment format for bill of exchange documents.

Bill of exchange journal

View information about lines in a bill of exchange that have been created in a draw bill of exchange journal or a redraw bill of exchange journal, and update the payment status for the selected bill of exchange.

Bills of exchange statistics

View statistics about the status of bills of exchange, based on the data in the Bill of exchange journalform.

Customer payment proposal

Generate payment proposals in the Edit payment proposalform, from which the proposals can be transferred to the payment journal after they are modified.

Customer transactions

View customer transactions, such as invoice, payment, interest, collection letter, and exchange adjustment transactions.

Customer transactions marked for settlement

View information about customer transactions that are marked for settlement.

Edit payment proposal

Edit the payment proposal that you created in the Customer payment proposalform.

Enter customer payments

Enter, settle, and save customer payments.

Exchange adjustment

View the list of all runs of the exchange adjustment periodic job. This periodic job generates transactions that update the value of open (unsettled) customer transactions in foreign currencies.

Generate payments

Generate payments according to the criteria that you can set up in the fields in this form, when you click Select, and in the form that opens when you click Dialog.


Create and view journals.

Journal voucher

Payment journal– Enter and post payments that you receive from customers.

Draw bill of exchange journal– Draw bills of exchange.

Protest bill of exchange journal– Protest bills of exchange.

Redraw bill of exchange journal– Redraw bills of exchange.

Remittance journal– Prepare bill of exchange remittances.

Settle bill of exchange journal– Settle bills of exchange.

Open transaction editing

View open customer transactions and mark them for settlement.

Remittance files for vendors

View a list of remittance files for vendors.

Manage and collect overdue payments

Closed transaction editing in several currencies

View closed, also called settled, transactions for the customer account that is selected in the Customersform.

Collection letter journal

View collection letters for all customers or for a particular customer.

Collection letter note

Edit, print, and post the collection letter proposals that you generate in the Creation of collection letterform.

Creation of collection letter

Generate collection letter note proposals and new collection letter codes for customer accounts that have open, past-due transactions.

Customer account statement

Print external customer account statements that you can send to your customers.

Customer balance

View customer balance information, such as credit limits, credit limits remaining, amounts ordered, and amounts on packing slips, in the company currency.

Customer settlement

View the settlement history of the transaction that you selected in the Customer transactionsform.

Customer transactions

View customer transactions, such as invoice, payment, interest, collection letter, and exchange adjustment transactions.

Interest calculation

Generate interest note proposals that appear in the Interest noteform, from which you can post and print the interest notes that are sent to customers.

Interest journal

View interest notes for all customers or for a specific customer.

Interest note

Edit, print, and update the interest note proposals that you generated in the Interest calculationform.