1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N, or click Newon the toolbar to create a new template.

  3. In the field, enter a unique identifier for the template.

  4. In the field, select the type of plan you want to create using the template.

  5. On the tab, under indicate how you want to formulate identifiers for plans created using this template:

    • Enter a number to define how many digits you want the identifiers to contain.

    • Enter the format to be used in the composition of the identification. The format must contain one # symbol for each digit in the identification number. For example, if you entered 2in the field, you should enter ##here.

  6. On the tab, in the left pane, click a plan at the level on which you want to create the new plan.

  7. Press CTRL+N, or click Newon the toolbar to create a new plan.

  8. On the tab, in the list choose:

    • - Create an action of a particular type. If you selected a strategic plan in , Microsoft Dynamics AX verifies that the plan type's action group contains the action type you select in the field.

    • - Create multiple actions based on an action template. Settings for action type templates are suggested for the new action's , , and fields.

  9. In the list, select either an or a , depending on your earlier selection in .

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