The enrollment file contains information about customers who have requested the eInvoice service, have requested to cancel the eInvoice service, or a combination of both.

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Click button > option to open the form.

  3. In the form, select the method of payment to import the enrollment file and then click OKto open the form.

  4. Select the enrollment file in the field. Click OKto import the file and copy the customer information from the file to the form.

    Note Note

    Under the field group, select the check box to update the address information for a customer that is received from the eInvoice reference.

  5. Validate the customer information to approve or reject the customer enrollment request for the eInvoice service. Select the return status for the enrollment request in the field.

  6. If the eInvoice reference matches the customer number, click button > .

    Note Note

    If the eInvoice reference does not match the customer number, click button > option to select a customer number.

  7. If the customer information is incorrect, select the new status as and select an error code in the field.

  8. Click button > to send the response for the enrollment request.

  9. Click button > .

  10. Import the confirmation file that is received from BBS for customer enrollment for the eInvoice service. Post the enrollment to start the eInvoice service for the customer. The field is set to status.