1. If your company uses sales tax jurisdictions for the calculation and reporting of sales taxes, the configuration key for this functionality must be selected:

    1. Click > > > .

    2. In the left pane, open the folder, and then open the folder.

    3. Select .

  2. All U.S. companies: Click > > . On the tab of the general ledger parameters form, select the

    For more information, see Applying U.S. sales tax and use tax rulesand the field description in General ledger parameters (form).

  3. Follow the list of setup activities in Sales tax. If your company plans to use sales tax jurisdictions, the step " Set up sales tax jurisdictions" is required.

  4. After the sales tax jurisdictions are set up, you must attach them, in the form, to sales tax groups. For more information, see Set up sales tax groups for jurisdictions.

  5. The rest of the required setup of sales taxes is described in the setup list in Sales tax.

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