Integrating the section of Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft Office Project can help your company gain visibility to effectively manage projects and project resources. When integrating with Office Project Server, you can create and manage a project that is synchronized between the two systems based on a shared research pool. This assists you in viewing both budgeted and actual costs for hour and expense transactions and the revenue of these projects. You can then integrate the project work for billing and revenue back into the Microsoft Dynamics AX .

The focus of the integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Office Project Server is for projects, activities, and employees. Microsoft Office Project uses different terminology than is used in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The following table shows the terms used in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the corresponding terms used in Office Project.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Office Project Server







Integration with Office Project can be done with unlimited parent-child relationships for projects and a similar hierarchical structure for activities. With these relationships and hierarchies, projects, subprojects, and activities can be integrated two-way between the systems. Changes to projects or activities can be made in either system and then synchronized back to the other system.

With employees integrated in Office Project, actual costs for labor hours and expenses that are posted in Microsoft Dynamics AX can be shared. The labor hours include those posted in Enterprise Portal that have been transferred and posted to the section in Microsoft Dynamics AX.