1. Click > .

  2. Select a sales order on the header of the form.

  3. Select the sales order line to which you want to add a packing unit and quantity and go to the tab.

  4. Select a packing unit in the field.

  5. Enter the packing unit quantity in the field.

When sales order line is invoiced, packaging material transactions are created and the packaging material weights are calculated. Packaging material fees are not calculated when the invoice is posted nor are they invoiced.

Note Note

- If a packing unit has been assigned to the item in the selected sales order line, the packing unit and packing unit quantity are loaded automatically. In this case, the quantity is calculated based on the ordered quantity (in inventory units) divided by the packing unit factor.

- When the sales order line is posted, the packing unit and packing unit quantity is taken from the sales order line. You can, however, change the values in the form ( tab). This is relevant when the sales order is partly invoiced.

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