You can set up a dependent cash flow forecast for a ledger account that contains transactions that are directly related to transactions in another ledger account. For example, expected sales tax payments directly follow the expected transaction amounts in vendor accounts.

  1. Click > .

  2. On the tab, in the drop-down list, select the account that contains transactions that directly affect another ledger account, for example, a ledger account for purchases. This account is the primary ledger account. Any transactions that are forecast for this account generate a corresponding increase in a dependent ledger account, for example, the ledger account for sales tax payments.

  3. Click , and then click .

  4. In the form, press CRTL+N to create a new line, if necessary.

  5. In the lookup field, enter the ledger account that is affected by transactions in the primary ledger account.

  6. In the other fields on the line, enter or select appropriate values. The fields are described in the form Help (press F1in the form). Of particular importance is the text box, which is automatically completed with a default value. You change the percentage to reflect the effect of primary ledger account on the dependent ledger account.

  7. If transactions to the primary ledger account affect the amounts in yet another ledger account, create another line, and enter or select appropriate values in the relevant fields.

  8. Each line that you add creates a cash flow forecast amount in a dependent ledger account that is a percentage of cash flow amounts to the primary ledger account that you selected in the form in step 2.

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