To register alternative quotations, you must decide which quotation should be the main quotation and then link the alternative quotation(s) to the main one.

Register alternative quotations

  1. Click > , and then create a quotation.

  2. Create one or more additional quotations to the same customer but with similar items of a different quality.

  3. Highlight the quotation that should be the main quotation, and then click > .

  4. In the form, click the field, and select the quotations that you want to use as alternatives to the main quotation.

  5. The quotations are now linked, and any change to the status of one will influence the status of the others.

Update alternative quotations

You can update alternative quotations just as you update regular quotations. See Update quotations (Project).

The relation between the linked quotations means that they can all be . But, if one quotation is updated to , the others are automatically updated to . That will occur in this manner:

  1. Select the linked quotation that you want to update to .

  2. When you click OK, an infolog appears and tells you that the quotation was confirmed.

  3. When you accept the infolog, the form appears behind it, and you must select the reason why the other quotations were lost.

Delete alternative quotations

To delete the link to an alternative quotation, do the following:

  1. Click > to open the form.

  2. Select the quotation from which you want to delete the linked alternative quotation.

  3. Click > to open the form.

  4. Select the linked alternative quotation you want to delete and press ALT+F9. Only the link to the current quotation will be deleted, not the quotation itself.