Indirect activities are typically used to register production-related costs that cannot be attributed directly to an individual production order. Indirect activities can also be used to register breaks and for on call-activities. Finally, an indirect activity can be a switch code such as a switch code used to trigger a certain bonus pay.

Indirect activities are created within categories that can only contain activities of the same type.

Types of indirect activities

Indirect activities include the following types:




Activities that are unrelated to a specific production order or project, such as cleaning or meetings.

All system jobs, such as clock-in and clock-out, are this type of indirect activity.


Used if employees register breaks.

Activities of this type can also be set up to cancel breaks defined by the profile setup. This is relevant if an employee works during the assigned break. Use the box for this purpose when setting up the activity.

Switch code

Used for changing profile types or to trigger certain pay lines. Switch codes can be used to override default settings such as when employees are permitted to take time off instead of receiving unpaid overtime.

Switch codes can also be used to trigger the payment of a specific premium.

Switch codes are valid for the entire profile day.

On call

When employees are on call, they must register on this type of indirect activity when they clock in.

When an on-call activity is registered, the registration will have the clock-in time as the start time and the clock-out time as the stop time. The employee can still register specific jobs in this period.

On-call activities are typically used to generate specific bonuses, but can also be used to keep track of on-call time.


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