When you create an original sales order, you can automatically create an intercompany purchase order for your intercompany vendor. This automatically creates an intercompany sales order at your intercompany vendor, on which the picking list can be automatically printed in the default language of your intercompany vendor.

Create an intercompany sales order automatically

  1. Click > to open a sales order form.

  2. In the form, create an original sales order in the usual way. (The fields are copied from the customer to the sales order.)

  3. In the sales order header, on the tab, select the field.

  4. If you want your intercompany vendor to deliver the item directly to the external customer, select the field.

  5. Complete the form either by choosing the previous record, creating a new record, or by closing the form.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically creates the intercompany purchase order for all the items assigned an intercompany vendor and then creates the intercompany sales order. An Infolog message tells you that an intercompany purchase order and intercompany sales order have been created and contains links to those orders. If an item was not found, a red warning symbol appears in the Infolog informing you that the order creation was not completed.

    Note Note

    If you are creating several orders in different companies, and in one of the companies the items were not found, the program stops all the order creations, even for the companies that could fulfill the order.

Create an intercompany sales order manually

Normally, an intercompany sales order is created automatically based on an intercompany purchase order, but it is also possible to create it manually, which then generates an intercompany purchase order in your intercompany customer's company.

  1. Click > to open a sales order form.

  2. On the header of the form, press CTRL+N.

  3. In the form, select a customer and make sure that the field is selected to indicate that the selected customer is an intercompany customer.

  4. Enter or modify the information, and then click OKand complete the order lines as normal.

    The field is copied from the intercompany sales order header to the intercompany purchase order header, and the (including item dimensions), , and fields are copied from the intercompany sales order lines to the intercompany purchase order lines.

  5. In the order header, click to view the related intercompany purchase order.

  6. In the order lines, click to view information about intercompany on-hand inventory.

    Tip Tip

    To view intercompany sales orders, select > > .