1. Click > > > .

  2. To include the budgets that are based on a particular budget model in the cash flow forecast, on the tab, select the check box on the line for the budget model.

  3. Click > , and select a ledger budget that is based on the budget model from step 2 and that you want to include in the cash flow forecast.

  4. On the tab, select the and check boxes.

  5. With the same ledger budget selected on the tab, click the button, and then select .

  6. In the form, select or enter values in the fields to specify how each budget transaction should be included in the cash flow forecast:

    • The percentage of the budget amount on the account to be included.

    • The terms of payment. For ledger budgets, this is the period from the actual transaction date until the future transaction takes place. For inventory forecasts, the terms are copied from the customer or vendor.

    • If appropriate, the posting type of the expected transactions; for example, .

    • The ledger account into which the percentage of the budget amount is posted.

    Note Note

    To include the entire budgeted amount in the cash flow forecast, set up the cash flow forecast with a 100% allocation value, without payment terms, and with the account number of the selected budget account in the lookup field on the tab.

  7. Close the form, and then close the form.

  8. To generate general ledger, sales, and purchases cash flow amounts on the basis of the budget, first use the form to create appropriate period allocation keys that indicate the share of the budget that is used in the cash flow forecasts, and then apply the keys in the relevant parameters setup forms:

    • On the tab in the form in , select an allocation key for ledger budget cash flow forecasts.

    • On the tab in the form in , select an allocation key for sales budget cash flow forecasts.

    • On the tab in the form in , select the allocation key for purchase budget cash flow forecasts.

    ExampleThe budget for the year is divided into monthly budget periods. The allocation key for cash flow forecasts divides the months into weeks with 25% for each week. If the cash flow forecast is calculated on day 10 of the month, the cash flow forecasts include only 75% percent of the budget for that month.

  9. If appropriate, add inventory forecasts to the cash flow forecasts by setting up cash flow forecasts on the ledger budget:

    1. On the tab of the form in , select the check box.

    2. In the form for the appropriate ledger budget, select values for the fields described in step 6.

  10. If appropriate, transfer sales and purchase budgets to the ledger budget:

    1. Click > > > .

    2. Select and .

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