Reports Web parts display SQL Server Reporting Services reports and charts that display Microsoft Dynamics AX data from the database or from OLAP cubes that are set up in SQL Server Analysis Services. You can select which reports and charts to display on your Role Center. For more information about these reports, see Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports.

You also can use these Web parts to display lists of KPIs, which are business metrics that can be summarized in terms of a comparison, goal, value, and status. For example, you might use KPIs to compare actual expenditures with budgeted amounts. KPIs also display information from OLAP cubes, and the data is viewable by specified dimensions and members. For more information about cubes and KPIs, see Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.

Note Note

Key Performance IndicatorsWeb parts, which are located in the All Web Parts> Dashboardlist of the Add Web Partsdialog box, also are commonly used to display KPIs on Role Centers. You must be using Office SharePoint Server to use the Key Performance IndicatorsWeb part. For information about this and other available Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server Web parts, see the documentation for those products.

For more information about reports and other business intelligence features, see Reporting. For information about the types of page views or other types of Web part and page modifications, see Modify Role Center pages.

Add a reports Web part

  1. Click the Add a Web Partlink where you want to add the reports Web part.

  2. In the Add Web Partsdialog box, select Dynamics Report Server Reportin the All Web Parts> Miscellaneouslist. Click Add.

  3. To modify the Web part properties and select which reports, charts, or KPIs to display, click editin the upper-right corner of the Web part, and click Modify My Web Part.

    • See the next procedure for information about selecting which reports, charts, or KPIs to display.

    • See Modify Role Center pagesand the Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server documentation for information about Web part properties.

Select which reports, charts, or KPI lists to display

  1. Click Personalize this Pagein the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. In the reports Web part, click editin the upper-right corner and click Modify My Web Part.

  3. In the Path to reportfield in the Web part tool pane, enter or select the path to the report, chart, or KPI list to display.

  4. In the Parameter Selectorfield, specify the default values to use for the report parameters that are defined in SQL Server Reporting Services, if parameters have been defined for this report. You can click Get Parametersto retrieve the parameter values.

  5. Click OK.