Daily depreciation is a type of depreciation used in Thailand. You only can use daily depreciation when the country/region configuration key for Thailand and the configuration key are both selected.

The daily option is available only for the following depreciation methods:

  • Straight-line service life

  • Straight-line life remaining

  • Reducing balance

  • Reducing balance 200%

  • Reducing balance 175%

  • Reducing balance 150%

  • Reducing balance 125%

You cannot use the daily depreciation method with asset books or depreciation conventions.

When you set up a straight-line or reducing balance fixed asset depreciation profile, you can select in the field in the form, and the depreciation of fixed assets that are assigned to the depreciation profile is based on the service life of the asset.

You can calculate the depreciation amount for the daily depreciation method using one transaction for each day.