Use this procedure to generate and print checks for vendors. Checks are printed using the remit-to address that is specified for each vendor. If a remit-to address is not specified, the primary address is used.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select a journal and click .

  3. Click > . The form is displayed.

  4. Select and select the export file format from the list.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, select . In the field, select a method of payment that uses the export file format.

  5. Click , select the vendors to print checks for, and click OK.

  6. Click . The form is displayed.

  7. Enter the starting check number and the number of checks to print, and select whether to print a payment advice report.

  8. Click , specify printer information for the checks, and click OK.

  9. If you are printing a payment advice report, click , specify printer information for the report, and click OK.

  10. In the form, click OK.

  11. In the form, click OKto create the checks.

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