This topic provides instructions for using the to test your product model.

Validate your rules

  1. Open the form in the module.

  2. Select the product model you want to test.

  3. Click > . The form opens.

  4. Test your model by selecting appropriate values for the variables. Whenever a value is added, set, or changed, the is automatically triggered. NoteThe must be enabled to use it. For instructions, see Enable/disable the rule debugger.

  5. View your selection in the . For each selection you make in the form, the reflects the result in the background. In this way, you can immediately validate whether your choices trigger the correct actions.

Restart rule validation

If you want to re-test new rules or variables in the form, you can restart the rule validation session for your product model.

  • Click the button. All variables are cleared, and the validation restarts.

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