Project stages can serve as a guide to the project life cycle. You can define the project stages you want to include in your projects on the tab in the form.

There are five default project stages and three user-defined stages. The five default stages are:

Two stages, and , are required for all projects except the , while the other project stages are optional. The project cannot have the finished project stage assigned to it because the finished stage has the estimation process in it.

You can rename the project stages and have the new names appear in forms and menu options. The three user-defined project stages can be used to track your project in more detail.

You can select any or all of the following tasks to be assigned to a project stage:

  • - Create a project quotation for and projects.

  • - Create and schedule forecast lines for any transaction.

  • - Create estimates for and Investmentprojects.

  • - Create sales and purchase orders, item requirements, and production orders for a project.

  • - Create journals transactions for projects.

  • - Create an invoice proposal for and projects.

  • - Allow a reverse elimination of the budget for selected project types.

Tip Tip

Click the button in the form to select the appropriate stage to change the project to. Changes can be made at the same time to multiple project stages.