An online consolidation is a consolidation where the subsidiary companies are within the same Microsoft Dynamics AX database as the consolidated company.

If there are previous consolidation transactions for the company, date range & account range, the transactions will be removed and consolidated again..

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Throughout this process, find more information in the form and field Help.

  1. Set up the consolidation company and the accounts of the subsidiaries (the companies to be consolidated) as described in Prepare a consolidated company for a consolidationand Set up a subsidiary company for consolidation

  2. Click > > > . In the form, prepare the transfer of subsidiary data to the consolidated company.

  3. Specify the details of the consolidation in the fields on the tab. If the same criteria apply, you can transfer data from several subsidiaries to the consolidated company in one operation.

  4. Click the tab and specify the dimension information that is transferred from subsidiary account transactions to the transactions in the consolidated company.

  5. Click the tab, and create a line for each subsidiary company whose data are to be imported into the consolidated company. On the line for each subsidiary:

    • If the consolidate company owns part of a subsidiary, indicate the share of the subsidiary accounts that is imported.

    • If you are consolidating foreign currency subsidiaries, in the field, specify whether consolidation exchange differences are posted to a account or to a account in the consolidated company.

  6. Click Batchto set up the consolidation to run as a batch job at the time you prefer, or click OKto run the consolidation immediately.

    The transactions and balances that were specified for consolidation in the subsidiaries are added to the appropriate consolidated company accounts.

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