Use this procedure to create one or more sites.

Note Note

The configuration key must be enabled to carry out this task.

Create a site

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new entry.

  3. Proceed with the following steps on either the tab or the tab.

  4. Enter a unique identifier and a description for the site.

  5. Select a time zone in the field. If you do not specify a time zone, the time zone that is defined in the form is used as the default time zone.

  6. Save the entry.

Once you have created a site, you can delete it as long as:

  • The site is not referenced from warehouses, production resources, or other master data.

  • There is no open on-hand inventory that is associated with the site.

These conditions may exist if the multisite functionality is activated. If either of these conditions exists, the program displays an error message, and you cannot delete the site.

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