When you create more than one quotation, you can use elements from one quotation to build others instead of creating a new quotation from scratch every time. You can do so by creating a quotation template or by copying information from one or more baseline quotations to another. For example, you can create different quotations based on the same items but with slightly different prices.

Copying quotations

Unless a quotation has been deleted, you can copy any whole quotation or selected lines from a quotation. When you copy a quotation, you can adjust the quotation line quantities by a factor. For example, you can double, triple, or quadruple item quantities in one process instead of manually editing all item lines after you copy them.

Note Note

You cannot copy all header information. Business name, contact information, contact person, account information, and so forth, are unique to the individual business relation.

Editing the quotation

Unless your quotation is sent or confirmed, you can always edit it after you copy information into it.


The following topics provide information about copying quotations.

Copy a quotation

Copy quotation lines