1. Click > > > .

  2. In the field under the field group, select the table with the transactions you want to count and either double-click the table name or click .

    The fields on the table appear in the box.

  3. In the list in the field, you can select up to six items to define the counting criteria.

    If you have selected several items in the counting criteria, you can define the sorting order by selecting the item and then clicking or .

  4. Click to specify the table items to be included in the count.

    Note Note

    Do not use the sorting function on the tab.

  5. Click to start the count.

    Note Note

    The tab displays the results of the count. The boxes in the counting criteria and their values appear in the columns starting on the left, while the number of transactions appears in the column furthest to the right. Click the tab to view the results in a graph format.