1. Click > > > .

  2. In the field, specify the path and the name of the default graphic file.

  3. In the field, specify the path and the name of the folder where the graphic files should be saved

  4. In the field, specify the format for file name generation. Use the '%n' signs to refer to variables selected in the that will be replaced with the values of the variable in n position in the variable list. Specify the graphic file extension as well.

  5. In the field, select, in the appropriate order, the variables that influence the item graphical representation and that will be considered during the file name generation.

  6. Fill in the field if array variables are used.

  7. In the field, specify the length of text of the current variable value in the generated file name.

  8. If you are going to set up intervals for the variable, select this variable and click to call the .

    Note Note

    You can set up intervals for numeric variables only.

  9. Click CTRL+N. Two lines will appear. In the field, a unique identifier of the selected variable will be displayed.

  10. In the field, select an operator for the current line.

  11. In the field, type the value for the interval.

    Note Note

    The value you type in the first line will define the first interval (from 0 to this value). In the second line, you set up the next interval. It will be from the value specified in the previous line to the value you type in the current line. You can create as many intervals as you want.

  12. In the field, specify the variable value that will be used to generate the file name. The setup process is finished.