Use the form to control the following sales order posting accounts:

When you create an order line ( status), an inventory transaction is generated with the quantity specified, but without any financial value.

When you update the packing slip for the item ( status), transactions based on the items cost at the time the packing slip is updated are generated in the packing slip account, and the packing slip offset account, in connection with the packing slip update.

In order for the posting to occur, you must select two setup check boxes:

  1. ( > > > > tab).

  2. ( > > > tab).

When you invoice-update ( status) the item, the two packing slip transactions are reversed. The items cost is credited to the account for inventory issues, and the account for item consumption is debited.

The item sale, excluding any taxes, such as sales tax, is credited to the revenue account. Tax is credits to the tax codes account. The sale, including any taxes such as sales tax, is debited from the customer summary account as set up in the customer's posting profile.

  • For , the sales order is posted before the line discount is deducted, and the line discount is debited in the account for discounts. If no account is specified for discounts, the revenue is posted after the line discount is deducted, and the latter is not recorded directly in a ledger account.

  • For , a commission account, and a commission offset account are created. These accounts provide an overview of the ledger-posting of commissions. When you invoice-update a sales order, the commission on the posted amount is debited from the commission account and credited to the commission offset account.