You can reuse check numbers if you enabled the functionality when you set up bank parameters. For example, if a check is damaged while it is being printed, you can print the same check number on a new check. The original information is voided and replaced with the reprinted check information.

Note Note

(CAN, USA) This feature is available only if the configuration key for the United States is selected. The same configuration key is used for both the United States and Canada for this feature.

  1. Click > > > >


    > > > >

  2. Click > . The payment status is changed to .

  3. To reprint the check, in the form, click > .

  4. Select and click OK.

  5. Verify that the check number is the same check number that was on the original check.

  6. Click OK. The check is printed again with the same check number that was used previously.

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