The Web interface for the module is fully integrated with the module.

To make a product model available on the Internet through Customer Self-Service, you must generate Web forms for it. For more information, see Generate Web forms for Customer Self-Service.

If you change the modeling variables setup for a product model after Web forms are generated for it, you must generate new Web forms and refresh the Application Object Dictionary to make your changes active in Customer Self-Service.

When a Web customer selects a modeling-enabled item for the shopping basket, the Web form appears. The dialog layout is similar to that of other modules, but there is an additional Validationbutton that is used to manually activate the product model's validation rules. (In other modules, data input is validated automatically.)

Configurations initiated through the Web interface must be approved in the same way as configurations initiated from sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, sales quotations, project quotations, or item requirements.