The following is an overview of how and where the account is applied and what parameter setup is required. Use this account for accruing revenue that is then shown in the statement.

Account type

License code

Configuration Key

How the account is applied

Transaction type

Project type

Statement type

Parameter dependencies

Subscription group - You can post accrued revenue for subscriptions only if the check box is selected on the subscription group that is attached to the subscription. Furthermore, you cannot post accrued revenue until the invoice for the subscription is posted.

Actions and effects


What happens


If revenue has been accrued on the transaction, the account is debited with the same amount that the account is credited with. As a result, revenue in the account becomes zero.

Post accrued revenue

The is debited with the accrual amount, and the is credited with the accrual amount.

Reverse accrued revenue

When you select a transaction that is already accrued for reversal, the account is debited by the same amount that the account is credited.