1. Click > .

  2. Click to see the complete form.

  3. Press CTRL+N to create a new sales order.

  4. In the form, select a customer.

    • Click Yesto copy existing customer information to the sales order.

    • Click Noto create the new form without previous customer sales information.

  5. In the field, select the type of sales order you want to create (for more information about order types, see About sales order types).

  6. Enter or modify the remaining information in the form, if needed, and click OKwhen completed.

  7. In the line, select or type in , , , and .

  8. Press CTRL+N to create additional lines for the sales order, or press the down arrow to add a new line.

Note Note

To change information on open orders, edit the values and terms. Changes are only valid for future transactions and updates on the order, not former updates such as deliveries and invoices.

Tip Tip

To shift between sales order header and line, press CTRL+PAGE DOWN or CTRL+PAGE UP.

To delete an order, press ALT+F9.

To display inventory dimensions on the tab, click > .

View the status of orders, for example the remaining quantity to be delivered, in the form.

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