1. Click > >

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a line.

  3. Click .

  4. In the form, press CTRL+N to create a journal line, select a ledger account, enter an amount to be accrued, and then optionally select an offset account.

  5. Click , and then click .

  6. In the form, select the accrual identification that you want to process.

  7. Optionally, change the amount in the field, which is the amount from the journal lines minus the sales tax amount, because sales taxes are not accrued.

  8. Enter the starting date for the first accrued transaction. The date from the journal line is proposed. The field is automatically filled in based on the configuration in the form, and changes according to the entered start date.

  9. Select whether the account or the offset account on the journal line is the account to be accrued. The accounts defined in the form are used as offset accounts for the accrual transactions.

  10. Click to verify the generated accrual transactions.

  11. Close the form and the form.

  12. Post the journal.

  13. Click , and then click to verify the main transactions on the journal line.

  14. Click to verify the generated accrual transactions.

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