Before you begin working in the area of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can set default values in the form. By presetting these values, you can reduce some of the manual data entry required when creating new projects and project transactions.

To open the form, click > > .


Select transaction adjustments and display and the auto-updating of fields.


Set up the level of detail for projects when posting to the general ledger and the sales tax codes for use on projects.


Create journals and their validation requirements, default categories, and journal lookup requirements.


Define the default values for project contracts, invoice approval, and on-account invoicing.


Select the payment date calculation values for cash flow forecasts and forecast models.


Select whether to add costs to estimate dates, posting, and elimination dates.

Hour utilization

Define the calculation of the utilization rate for billable and efficiency rates of projects by type.


Select whether to include hour quantities, hour costs, and item costs set as No/Never ledger in Profit and Loss and Consumption statements.

Project stage

Set up pre-existing project stages and create new project stages to include in project types.

Cost control

Set up cost control methods, define default forecast models, and enable committed cost.

Cost reduction

Create forecasts and their requirements.

Inventory dimensions

Set up active quotation inventory dimensions and select whether to show them in the item consumption list.


Specify posting methods and capacity planning.

Number sequences

Set the number sequence codes for use with the corresponding references when creating projects, invoices, and transactions.

For detailed information including individual field descriptions, see the Project parameters (form).