Design and engineering setup and maintenance forms

The following table lists the forms that support setting up and maintaining design and engineering. The table entries are organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

Some forms in the following table require information or parameter settings to navigate to them.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Help.


Form name


Setting up and maintaining items


Create and manage the base data for goods, bills of materials, and services.


Configure the way that product groups and items are presented in the Customer Self-Service (CSS) module, which is the customer role in the Enterprise Portal.

Product groups

Create and manage a hierarchical product group structure by using an appropriate number of levels.

Supplementary item groups

Create and maintain supplementary item groups that will be used for items, vendors, and customers.

Supplementary items

Create and maintain extra items to be added to the sales and purchase order lines when a certain quantity of an item is sold or purchased.

Setting up dimensions and item dimensions


Create or maintain the color item dimension.

Combinations of item dimensions

Select valid combinations of item dimensions.


Create and maintain configurations for on-hand inventory items and BOM items.

Edit dimensions

Change inventory dimensions to transactions that are open or to any transaction that is not owned or linked to another inventory reference.

Inventory dimensions

Assign the level of detail for inventory dimensions.


Create or maintain the item dimension.

Setting up and maintaining bills of materials


Create or change a bill of material (BOM), define a configuration-group route, or associate an existing BOM with specific item numbers by using form.

BOM copying

Select a BOM or route in base data or production and make a copy of it.

BOM designer

Design BOM tree structures.

Change BOM item

Change items in selected BOMs or all BOMs, or attach additional items to the existing items in the BOMs.

Setting up work centers and production units

Production unit

Create and set up a production unit.

Task groups

Create different task groups with alternative work centers that can perform similar tasks.

Work center groups

Create and define work center groups to help manage production.

Work centers

Create and update work centers.

Setting up and maintaining routes

Cost categories

Define cost categories that set costs that are related to work centers and routing operations.

Create and update routes

Create, update, and approve routes.

Routing group

Create and manage routing groups.

Setting up and maintaining standard costs

Activate prices

Change the status of pending cost records within the selected costing version.

BOM calculation groups

Define a BOM calculation group and the related policies that govern how BOM calculations will treat an item that is assigned to the group.

Cost groups

Define cost groups that will be assigned to purchased material, cost categories (for routing operations), and indirect cost calculation formulas.

Cost rollup by cost group

View and analyze a manufactured item's calculated costs in terms of cost group segmentation.

Costing sheet setup

Define the format for displaying the cost of goods sold information about a manufactured item, and define the basis for calculating manufacturing overheads by using indirect cost calculation formulas.

Costing versions

Define a costing version that will contain a set of cost data, and maintain the data.

Item price

View and maintain item cost records for a specified costing version, effective date, and site (when you use multisite functionality).

Setting up and maintaining PRODCOM

Intrastat to PRODCOM conversion

Assign PRODCOM codes to Intrastat Commodity codes.


Create PRODCOM periods, and transfer sales lines to the report.