Two different approaches can be used when initiating a BOM calculation for new manufactured items. Select the approach by using the update/insert calculated price field in the form. You can select that the BOM calculations should overwrite the existing pending cost records for the items, or that the BOM calculations should create the pending cost records when they do not exist for the specified costing version, site, and effective date. The lack of a pending item cost record is termed a missing cost. A missing cost can indicate a new manufactured item, or an item that requires recalculation. An item's pending cost record can be deleted so that it is treated as a missing cost.

When you initiate a BOM calculation to update costs for items with missing costs, it may be useful to be notified that a selected item already has a pending cost record, thereby preventing the outcome of updating the missing costs. Use the BOM calculation policy (to identify missing updates) in order to identify when an item's pending cost record already exists, so that a warning message will be displayed in the Infolog that is generated by the BOM calculation.

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