You can calculate and post withholding tax in the form in the section, or in the form in the section. The default withholding tax group of the vendor is displayed in the field.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a new journal, and click .

  3. Enter a payment date, and select the vendor account that is set up to calculate withholding tax.

    By default, the field is filled in with the vendor's withholding tax group. You can replace the default group with another group or delete it if no withholding tax should be calculated for the line.

  4. Click > and select the check box on the open invoice or invoices that you want to pay.

  5. Verify the Infolog information about the calculated withholding tax.

  6. Close the Infolog, and optionally click the tab for each selected line to edit or delete the calculated withholding tax. You can also create new lines and enter the information.

  7. Close the form. The payment amount on the journal line is reduced by the withholding tax amount.

  8. Validate and post the payment journal.

Note Note

In the form, all transactions are considered as payments and the withholding tax setup is always handled as described in the steps above.

In the form, withholding tax is automatically calculated when the following conditions are met:

  • A vendor account that is set up to calculate withholding tax is selected on the journal line.

  • There is no entry in the field on the journal line's tab.

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