Variable groups of the array type can be used to present a product model's modeling variables in a grid, similar to the grids found elsewhere in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each modeling variable in the group will then be shown as a separate column in the grid.

If you want to make the current variable group into an array, select the check box in the window that opens when you click in the form. The field is used to specify the number of rows in this table, that is, the number of array elements for each modeling variable in the variable group. Whenever you refer to one of the modeling variables from an array variable group, you must specify not only the name of the variable, but also the number (index) of the specific array element.

When you change the values of the or fields for a variable group, the values you enter are automatically transferred to the corresponding fields for each modeling variable in the group. You cannot change these values separately for one modeling variable. You have to change them in the form that opens when you click .