Employees might forget to clock out.

To insert the missing clock-out registrations you can run a batch job before the calculations of employees are initiated. By doing this the missing clock-out registrations are inserted automatically.

You can run the job either from the / form, or directly through a menu item that is placed in > .

For a given date, the batch job searches and inserts missing clock-outs in the following way:

  • If an employee has an unmatched clock-in registration at the given date, which is before the , and no other registration exists after the , then a clock-out registration is inserted with the time set to the .

  • If any registration exists after the given , this means that the employee has worked overtime. Therefore, it is not meaningful to insert a clock-out registration with the time set to .

  • Similarly, an unmatched clock-in time after the indicates overtime, making a clock-out registration with the is meaningless.

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