You can use this wizard to delete personal information related to non-employees, who in this context are defined as:

  • Employees whose employment with your company or organization has been terminated.

  • Applicants whose application for employment has been rejected or denied.

Before you begin deleting information, check that the following information is true:

  • - Their status is , and all items or actions for which the employee is responsible are ended. One way to do so is by printing the report.

  • - The status of any remaining application is Canceled, , or , and that the date of receipt for their application is less than or equal to the system date minus the grace period.

Create customized Wizard setups

The Wizard provides a tree view in which you can select the fields, field groups, tables, transactions, and documents that contain the information you want to delete. After you have made your selections you can choose to save your setup for future use. When a setup has been used, the Wizard automatically saves your setup as the and presents it the next time you start the Wizard. You can always modify an existing setup.

Delete documents in document handling

To delete documents that are related directly to the employee or applicant, such as an employee's résumé or an applicant's application, select the check box in the Wizard.

You do not need to take any action to delete documents that are indirectly related to the employee or applicant, for example, those that are associated with a sub-table or transaction. These are automatically marked for deletion when you select the table or transaction in the tree view.