Job scheduling breaks each operation down into individual jobs. These jobs are associated with the work centers where the operation occurs and are scheduled using the optimal dates and times. Select the field to ensure that jobs are scheduled based on current capacity; such that the start and end times of different jobs do not overlap.

If you specify work center groups, job scheduling ensures that the work center with the shortest possible lead time is used.

  1. Click > > .

  2. Select the production order you want to job schedule.

  3. On the tab, select the scheduling direction for your production order.

  4. Check or clear the , , and fields.

  5. To change the job that you are job scheduling, select another identification in the field.

  6. To change the work center for the job that is specified in the field, select another work center in the field.

  7. Select or clear the check box to either include or exclude references between the main production order and sub-productions associated with it in the job scheduling run.

  8. On the tab, select the jobs to exclude from job scheduling.

  9. Click .