To be able to generate a document, a presentation, or a process diagram it is a prerequisite that you have previously recorded a task in Microsoft Dynamics AX and saved it.

  1. On the Toolsmenu, click to open Task Recorder toolbar.

  2. Click the icon located at the far right on the toolbar.

  3. Select the relevant task in the list of recorded tasks and click .

  4. In the form, select the type of document to be generated.

    For and Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use the browse button to locate and use an existing template.

Note Note

Some templates contain sample text to illustrate the use of styles and fonts that are defined in the template. Any template used to create Task Recorder documents must be empty of such sample text.

  1. Click OKto start the document generation.

The selected application starts, and a document is generated based on the recorded script.

Microsoft Office Word document output

The Office Word document that is generated based on a recording includes the following information:

  • Heading, created by, task recorded date, document created date, and description.

  • Table of contents listing the forms that are opened during the recording.

  • A heading for each of the tasks that are performed in Microsoft Dynamics AX that gives the name of the task, such as open form, click button, or change value.

  • Screen shots of forms and description of value changes.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation output

The Office PowerPoint presentation generated based on a recording includes the following information:

  • Front page slide with a heading and task recorded date and document created date.

  • One slide for each of the forms used during the recording. Each slide contains a title and a screenshot of the form.

Microsoft Office Visio diagram output

The Office Visio diagram generated based on a recording includes the following information:

  • Information about who created the task, who approved it, when it was approved, and the date of diagram creation.

  • Flowchart per form that is used during the recording. The sequence of forms that are used is indicated by the connection of the shapes. Each shape has the name of the command used to open the form.