After inventory closing has completed, an dialog box may report that a unit cost price may be wrong because a transaction could not be fully settled.

Before this message is displayed, Microsoft Dynamics AX will report the item number and affected transaction. This message informs you that the cost amount used for this transaction was not updated as a result of inventory close. It appears when an issue type transaction cannot be settled.

During a closing, Microsoft Dynamics AX checks each financial dimension to see if there are more issues than receipts up to the specified closing date. This imbalance can occur when an inventory transaction from a purchase order is not fully posted financially because the vendor invoice has not been received, or because bill of material (BOM) components included in a production on a higher level are not financially posted. (Subproduction is not cost calculated).

If this happens, the subsequent closing will not adjust all issues to the correct cost price because not enough receipt information is available.

If the box is selected on the form, an exists for the closing/recalculation. You can open the by clicking the button.

If you are receiving many warnings, we recommend that you take following actions:

  • Financially update receipts

  • Advance the closing date

  • Reevaluate your business procedures

There may be circumstances where it is not possible to do anything about the warning. For example, when marking is used where the marked purchase order has a financial date after the closing date, the closing date cannot be changed.

Note Note

You can generate the report using the closing date for a list of items that cannot be settled during a closing.

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