The following table lists the Accounts receivable reports. The table entries are organized by business process component task and then alphabetically by report name. Reports with an asterisk (*) at the end of the name require SQL Server Reporting Services.

Business process component

Report name


Invoice customers

Customer invoice journal

Customer Invoice Journal *

View invoices with printing options.

Customer invoice turnover

Print a turnover report for customer invoices.

Invoice journal

View all invoices or select specific customer invoice journals and lines in the Customer invoice journaland Customer invoice linesfields.

Invoice specification

View customer invoices.

Ledger posting for sales orders

View information about sales order transactions that have been posted to the general ledger.

Open sales order lines by customer

View information – sorted by customer – about the quantities of individual items on sales orders that have not been shipped.

Sales analysis by invoice

View information about customer invoices, such as invoice balances, miscellaneous charges, sales tax, cost values, and gross margin percentages.

Shipped not invoiced

View details about posted sales order shipments that have been entered, but not invoiced, as of the cutoff date that you specify.

Receive and enter payments

Bill of exchange journal

Analyze transactions in the bill of exchange journal, including the status of each transaction.

Bill-Invoice relation by transaction date

Prepare a report that displays the relationship between bills of exchange and invoices, grouped by transaction date.

Customer payment journal

View account and payment details for individual customers.

Customer posted payment journal

View posted account and payment details for individual customers.

Open bills

Analyze open cartera transactions by transaction date and customer.

Open cartera transactions

View cartera transactions grouped by customer, due date, or bill ID.

Open customer transactions for bills of exchange

View open customer transactions grouped by customer, due date, or method of payment.

Open transactions

Print detailed information about the open transactions for each customer for the date entered in the Open transactions perfield.

Manage and collect overdue payments

Collection letter note

Print collection letters for the selected customers.

Customer account statement

Print external customer account statements that you can send to your customers.

Customer aging report

Customer Aging Report *

Prepare a report that shows the balances that are due from customers by period or aging bucket.

Customer auditor

Print total amounts posted per Posting profile per Customer account.

Customer balance list

View, side by side, how the customer balances have changed during a defined sub-period, such as last month, and a defined period, such as the current year.

Customer balance list with credit limit

Customer Balance List with Credit Limit *

Print the balance for each customer in the company currency based on the value according to the latest exchange adjustment.

Customer exchange adjustment

View and print the details of the exchange adjustment that you are posting.

Customer exchange adjustment simulation

View the anticipated effect of running an exchange adjustment.

Customer internal account statement

Print and view account statements for each customer that are for internal use.

Customer transactions

Customer Transactions *

View invoiced customer transactions, including the debit, credit, and currency amount per invoice.

Customer turnover

View customer turnover, sorted by invoice or order accounts.

Detailed due day list

Customer Detailed Due Day List *

View a detailed list of customer payments that are due on a specific date.

Gross margin by customer

View – sorted by customer name and number – the item number and description, quantity, sales amount, cost, gross profit, and gross profit percentage details for individual customers.

History by transaction

View the connection between the customer accounts and the ledger accounts.

Interest note

Print interest notes to send to customers.

Setting up and maintaining Accounts receivable

Customer base data

Analyze available information about a customer or group of customers.

Customer phone list

View a list of customer phone numbers.

Payment step process

Print a report that describes the payment step process setup.