For some types of production, it might be convenient to save each configured item under a separate item number so that it is stored in the form together with its configured BOM and route.

  1. Click > .

  2. Click > .

  3. On the tab page in the field group, select , , , or to specify that the system must generate a new item number, configuration identification, color identification, or size identification whenever an item is configured.

  4. For each selected check box, you can specify how the new item number configuration identification, color identification, or size identification will be generated in the associated field group fields.

    If you choose not to enter anything in these fields, the identification is set to the next number in the attached number sequence. Use % in the format field, followed by a number, to refer to any one of the variables you select on the , , , or tab pages.

    Note Note

    These tab pages appear after you select the appropriate check boxes.

    The variables are numbered in the order in which they appear on the relevant tab page. Any variable of the types , , , or can be used. In order to avoid generating the same item number for two different item configurations, the formatted item number will be extended with a number drawn from the attached number sequence.