Certain types of production work may apply to project time estimates and reporting, thereby requiring a cost category that is used for production and project purposes. Additional project-related information must be defined when a cost category is used in production and projects. For example, the hourly costs that are associated with projects can be different from the hourly costs that are associated with production. A cost category that is used in and can be defined in the form by selecting the option to use in projects.

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Cost accounting contains a form, but it has no relationship to the functionality described in this topic.

When you select the option that a cost category will be used in projects, the form displays additional tabs and buttons that define and access the additional project-related information. Additional tabs include project-related information, such as the assignment of a category group, a line property, and ledger accounts. The cost category must be assigned to a category group that supports a transaction type of hours. A line property indicates the default about how reported time will be chargeable to a project. The ledger accounts that are related to costs and sales are normally defined for the category group that is assigned to the cost category, but specific accounts can be defined for an individual cost category.

Additional buttons provide access to project-related information about a selected cost category. For example, click the buttons to view project-related transactions, to define employees or projects authorized to report against the cost category, to define hourly costs and sales prices, and to view reports.

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