1. Click > > , and then select the option for which you want to calculate the statistics.

  2. In the section, specify a period for which you want the system to calculate the statistic. To do so:

    • For a predefined period, select a code from the list. The and options are then completed automatically.

    • Enter a date in the and boxes.

  3. You can shorten a longer period by selecting the desired length:

    • - Calculates a total for the entire period.

    • - Calculates a total for each year.

    • - Calculates a total for each half year.

    • - Calculates a total for each quarter.

    • - Calculates a total for each month.

  4. In the section, double-click one or more options to select your criteria. Your selection is then copied to the box on the right and will be included in the calculation. You can clear the options by double-clicking them in the box on the right.

  5. To change the order in which the result columns appear, click or .

  6. To limit the statistic to specific criteria, click . For example, to a particular absence code and employees.

  7. To calculate the statistics, click . The results are shown on the tab, and the selected options will appear as column headings in the order specified.

  8. To view statistics in a graph, click the tab.

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