Validation rules are created in the form.

In the field group at the top of the form, you can select those items that will let you view all the rules or those of a specific type: or and , , or .

You can also view the rules associated with the specific , , , or .

Note Note

Your choices in the filter will influence the number of visible fields and choices that you must make when you create validation rules.

  1. Click in one of the following forms to create a local rule: or .

    Alternatively, click in the form if you are creating a global rule.

  2. Specify whether the rule is or in the field.

  3. In the field, specify the rule set number for the global rules and product model number for the local ones.

  4. Type the unique rule identifier in the field.

  5. Type the rule description.

  6. In the field, select from , , , or .

  7. Complete the other tabs, which are rule-type specific, according to the type peculiarities for each rule. For their description, see the appropriate topic listed in Validation rule types.