Employees can use the electronic timecard to register their time consumption. The electronic timecard is typically used by employees with job tasks that do not require immediate feedback, for example project activities.

If employees use the electronic timecard they do not have to register time immediately; they can complete the timecard at the end of the day or next day. Employees who occasionally work out of the office can complete their timecards when they are back in the office.

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In the form, select the field for employees who use the electronic timecard.

The form can be used in many situations, such as:

  • An employee clocks in when arriving at work, but does not register activities during the day. When the employee is ready to leave work, all the registrations for the day are made and the employee clocks out.

  • An employee does all registrations regularly, such as once a week. The time consumption on different jobs is registered for each day in the period.

To register time consumption, the following information is needed:

  • Date

  • Registration type

  • Job reference - project, production order, or indirect activity

  • Job identification

  • Time consumption

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Buttons are available for posting project fees or project items directly from the form.

Before employees use the electronic timecard, consider the parameters on the tab in > > .

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