The following table lists the Accounts payable reports. The table entries are organized by business process component task and then alphabetically by report name. Reports with an asterisk (*) at the end of the name require SQL Server Reporting Services.

Business process component

Report name


Receive and enter vendor invoices

Detailed due day list

Vendor Detailed Due Day List *

Print details about open vendor transactions.

Invoice journal

Invoice Journal *

Print a list of vendor invoices.

Invoice specification

Print a list of vendor invoice specifications.

Invoice turnover report

Print a turnover report for vendor invoices.

Ledger posting for purchase orders

Print information about purchase orders that have been posted to the general ledger.

Open invoice transactions

Print a list of all open vendor invoice transactions and the status of the balance.

Generate and submit vendor payments

Vendor payment journal

Print account and payment details for individual vendors. Amounts on the report are displayed in both the currency of the payment and the original currency for the transaction.

Vendor posted payment journal

Print posted account and payment details for individual vendors.

Manage vendor settlements

Duplicate taxpayer identification

Print a report to verify that no taxpayers have duplicate identification numbers in the date range that you select.

History by transaction

Print the connection between the vendor accounts and the ledger accounts.

Tax 1099 detail

Print a detailed list of 1099 statement transactions for each vendor, and then use the report to verify information before filing 1099 statements with the IRS.

Tax 1099 print options

Print 1099 statements.

Tax 1099 summary

Print a summarized list of 1099 statement information for vendors. The report also indicates whether the amount for each 1099 statement meets the IRS 1099 reporting requirements.

Vendor account statement

Prepare a report about your vendor accounts for internal use.

Vendor aging report

Vendor Aging Report *

Prepare a report that shows the balances that are due to vendors by periods or by aging buckets.

Vendor balance list

View, side by side, how the vendor balances have changed during a defined sub-period, such as last month, and a defined period, such as the current year.

Vendor balance list with credit limit

Vendor Balance List with Credit Limit *

Print the balance for each vendor in the company currency based on the value according to the latest exchange adjustment. For each vendor, the vendor balance also shows the credit limit as specified in the Vendorsform.

Vendor exchange adjustment

Print the details of the vendor exchange adjustment that you are posting.

Vendor exchange adjustment simulation

Print the details of the anticipated effect of running an exchange adjustment.

Vendor transactions

Prepare a list of invoiced vendor transactions that includes the debit, credit, and currency amount per invoice in the currency of the transaction, and the currency amount in the company currency.

Vendor/Ledger reconciliation

Print this report to help you reconcile the balances of vendor and ledger accounts. The sum of all vendor transactions is compared with the sum of all the ledger transactions that are posted on the related vendor summary accounts.

Reimburse customers


View the reimbursement transactions that were created by the Reimbursementperiodic job.

Managing vendor information

Vendor base data

Print all available information about a vendor or a group of vendors.

Vendor phone list

Print a list of vendor phone numbers.


Print essential information about a vendor or a group of vendors, according to the setup in the Vendorsform.