The talents and efforts of the people in your company are among the most valuable capital that your company can access. Human Resources for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you fulfill your people's potential while minimizing the cost and complexity of administrating employee and organizational information.

You can use Human Resources to complete the following tasks:

  • Administer organizational structures, including formal and informal hierarchies and position management.

  • Maintain comprehensive employee information from the day that they first apply for a job to the day they retire.

  • Control absenteeism by establishing, communicating, and monitoring absence policies, including approval procedures and centralized or self-registration.

  • Manage a searchable talent warehouse and profiles to identify and effectively deploy the right people for the right tasks.

  • Review performance levels through appraisal interviews, and then outline steps for improvement by creating and implementing employee development plans.

  • Develop, deliver, and analyze internal training courses, including agendas, sessions, and tracks, and demographic information about participants.

  • Administer recruitment initiatives, including media costs, Web advertisements, Web applications and screening, developments, applicants and applications, automated communications, and correspondence with candidates.

  • Comply with local or regional regulations using data clean up facilities to remove unneeded or unwanted information about employees and applicants.

  • Learn more about your business by performing statistical analyses, such as calculations on absence, courses, absence, and employee distribution.

  • Capitalize on integration with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX to access valuable information about your business.

  • Empower your employees by creating an online community making employee services available on your Enterprise Portal. This gives your people access to the information they need, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Business processes

Human Resources integrations

The Human Resources module integrates with the following Microsoft programs:

  • Microsoft Office Word┬«

  • Microsoft Office Outlook┬«

  • All other modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX