After you have created an action plan and specified references and employees, you need to distribute the activities in the plan among the employees. Activities are distributed in two stages:

Retrieve distribution data for the action plan

The action plan must be updated before you can distribute the items in the reference table to the employees and start the plan. The purpose of updating is to update the list of employees that the employee query selected, and reset the number of items to zero for all listed employees. This is necessary if you have already distributed items and then changed the distribution criteria.

Activate distribution among employees

After you have retrieved the distribution data, distribute the reference items among employees before starting the action plan. When you activate the new distribution, any existing distributions are deleted. Select one of two distribution methods:

  • - If you leave the boxes in the group blank, the items are distributed evenly among all the employees. The total number of items in the reference table is divided by the number of employees, and the items are then distributed accordingly. Any remainder is assigned to the last employee in the list.

  • - Set criteria in the group that controls how the items are distributed. If employees have distribution criteria, and some of the items in the reference table are not distributed, the plan cannot be started because of an imbalance. The same applies if one or more items are distributed to more than one employee. You can see the distribution method in the box on the tab.