1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, select the method of inventory reservation from the list:


    Reserves inventory manually for orders.


    Reserves inventory automatically when order lines are created. Inventory is reserved in the order that the order lines are created. Regarding bill of materials (BOMs), the reservation is made for the BOM item number, not for the individual elements of the BOM.


    Works the same way as Automatic but with regard to BOMs, the reservations are made for the individual elements of the BOM, not for the BOM item number.

Note Note

Any change in the setup has no effect on existing reservations, order lines, or orders. Changes affect only future orders and order lines.

Tip Tip

If you have a number of orders or order lines to create, with items that use the same method of reservation, manual or automatic, you can switch the reservation parameter temporarily according to the method of reservation needed for those order lines. Afterwards, switch the parameter back again to fit the most frequent method of reservation.