The numbers shown in the form are realized numbers. Viewing statistics on a project group, for example, you can see realized numbers on the five statement types:

  • Profit and loss

  • WIP

  • Payroll

  • Consumption

  • On account

You can view project statistics by using several different types of data. You can access the form from both the section and from the form.

View location

Profit calculation

You must define the profit calculation on the form, and the parameter setup affects the output of the fields on the tab in the form.

Profit calculation can be based on either the gross margin or the value-added amount, and it can be viewed as a percentage or a factor. The profit can be defined as follows:

Calculation based on gross margin

Calculation based on value added amount

Contribution ratio =

Gross margin x 100 ÷ Revenue

Value added ratio =

Value added amount x 100 ÷ Revenue

Markup percentage =

Gross margin x 100 ÷ Total costs

Value added markup percentage =

Value added amount x 100 ÷ Hour costs

Markup factor =

Gross margin ÷ Total costs

Markup factor =

Value added amount ÷ Hour costs

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