Jobs for employees to register on can be generated from several sources.

  • Production orders

  • Projects

  • Human resources (absence codes)

  • Indirect activities

All jobs are maintained in the Shop floor control job table. This job table must be synchronized with the tables that contain the original jobs, for example, production jobs or project activities.

In > > on the tab, synchronize by selecting the field in .

Online synchronization

Make an initial synchronization. After the initial synchronization, the job table is updated every time that a new job is created.

Offline synchronization

Make an initial synchronization and select to run as batch. In this manner, you can select how frequently the job table is updated.

Note Note

This kind of synchronization provides optimal performance.

Initial synchronization

The initial synchronization will update the job table.

  1. Click > > >

  2. Select the types of jobs for which to perform the synchronization.

  3. If running in mode, select batch parameters.

  4. Click OK.