The Route node is useful for adding individual route operations to a product model. If you want to add a complete route from the form, you should use a Route node instead.

  1. In the form, ( > > ), in the lower pane, right-click the node, point to and select .

    A new node is added to the bottom of the modeling tree. If you want to insert a node into a particular position in the tree, drag it from the node list displayed on the left.

  2. The form which opens contains the same fields as a standard route operation in the form plus two extra fields that control how values are assigned to each data field on the route operation. Select one or the other:

    • - You can type a fixed value into the route operation field. The fixed value could be a numeric value or some other type of data, depending on which field you are in.

    • - You can type the name of one of the product model's variables into the route operation field. During item configuration, this field will then be completed with the value of the selected variable.

  3. Complete the remainder of the fields on the form. For their descriptions, see the Create and update routes (form).